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Looking to book a hotel, for a decent and cost-effective price and making that reservation can be stressful.  Especially if you are trying to book a hotel room for you and your partner. Or for you and your family, or at the last minute. To book a hotel the majority of it is done online nowadays.  There is a website out there to help you out with your choice. If your choice is going to based on location, price, and comfort then the website will help. It’s ideal for you to shop around and compare rates.


Determine before you book a hotel.

You should determine what your budget will be before you look for a hotel and make a reservation. You must ensure that before you book a hotel, the hotel will meet your budget and your needs. Determine how much you can afford to spend. This will narrow down your search and be efficient with the time you spend looking for to book a hotel room.

  • Are you on a fixed budget, what is the rate you will be willing to pay per night? Do you have a fixed budget of a certain amount of cash for your all-around trip? Do you have a certain amount that you have allocated to cover your stay at the hotel? Because you have a limited budget. You don’t have to book a hotel that is not pleasing to the eye. There are many discounted options available to people on a fixed budget.

  • For whatever reasons you are traveling an affordable hotel rate may not be as much of a priority for you. You may be traveling for work and have the ability to expense your accommodations to your company’s account.

You want to think Before you book a hotel.

Think about what you would require in the accommodations during your stay. Is there enough room for you and your family, is there enough amenities for you and your partner. For your family think how big you would like the hotel room to be. Including how many beds you require and how many bathrooms. If you are a large family, you may need two size queen beds and one large bathroom. For you and your partner, you might want a king size bed.

  • If you are disabled or require disability facilities. Factor this in when considering to book a hotel. Many hotels will note if they are wheelchair accessible and offer disability amenities. Always call the hotel to confirm if they offer these facilities for people with disabilities.

  • If you’re traveling with a large family or in a large group.  You might want to consider booking a suite with separate living area and bedroom. So that the whole group can be accommodated without space and privacy constraints.

What to look out for

Book a Hotel

Strand Palace Hotel located In the heart of London

Look for your ideal location or the area that you want to book a hotel. Your budget can dictate where you require your accommodations, especially if you are looking for a location that is convenient. Are you looking for a hotel that is close to an event or conference? Are you looking for a hotel that is close to a specific tourist attraction like the theatre? Do you want to stay central or you want to stay downtown?  Allowing you to get to different parts of the city more effectively? Do you want a more secluded location? Giving you have some privacy from the main areas of where you’re visiting?


  • Ideally, the location will be made on the type of trip you will want to be taking. If it’s for business, you may decide to book a hotel that is close to a conference. Or it might be for work for a set period of days. If you’re holidaying, a hotel that is walking distance to a spot that as a great nightlife. What about great sightseeing attractions. A hotel that offers a package that includes a car or bike rental.  So you can get out and about easily.


Research online to book a hotel. The quickest way to look for hotels is using the search engines. These search engines will allow you to specify your planned days of travel, how many nights you want to do. What location, do you require, what amenities, if any. You can also specify how much you are willing to spend when booking your hotel.

  • Entering this information into the search engine, you will be presented with several options to look at. Hotels that are closer to your match, area or location.

  • Be aware, when doing your research you will be presented with several hotel options. The hotels do not always shoe any extra surcharges or fees for the room. Check for any small prints next to the price that is before you commit to the booking.

  • You can get discounts on certain hotels from other places. Some credit cards and companies also offer hotel search services if you are a member. Contact your credit company or search for companies that you can join. Becoming a member will get you the information.

Search Engines

Use the search engines to compare discounted prices. There a few discounted search tools you can use to compare hotel options to book a hotel room. All you need to do is to specify your travel dates and what is the price points. These online sites will then search multiple databases for you. It will present several hotel options that will best suit your needs.  The discounted or cheaper rates are presented to you also.

  • Read the online reviews for several hotels you are considering. Often, online reviews can give you a good sense of the level of how clean the hotel.  And what the quality of customer service that they provide. The hotel is given a rating system.  represented in the form of stars which are given based on the guest’s overall experience. You can come to a decision by the weight of the online reviews. It could be on the price and location of the hotel. This will help to determine if the hotel is the one you want to book.

  • Be aware some discounted search tools require you to book the hotel room. This is even before knowing exactly which hotel you would be staying in. Always read the fine print before you book a hotel room.  Make sure there are no hidden clauses.

Better Rate

To get a better rate call the hotel.  By doing so can land you a last minute booking or a better rate. This will give you a chance to get a better sense of the customer service. You will be able to speak to the front desk and ask them specific questions about the hotel itself. Best time to call is the late evening.  As the mornings and afternoons are often very busy at the front desk. Ask questions such as:

  • Do you have non-smoking rooms?

  • Which section of the hotel has a better view or is less noisy?

  • Is the area around the hotel safe?

  • How far is the hotel from a specific location, i.e. the beach, city center, the theatre, convention center?

  • What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?

  • Do you have facilities available for the disabled?

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