Spice Girls ‘set to reunite for coronation’ – report

The girl group are said to be at the heart of plans for a royal concert taking place during the three day celebration in May.

If it happens it will be the first time all five singers – including Victoria Beckham – have performed together since the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony.

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The Spice Girls perform at the 2012 closing ceremony

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The Spice Girls perform at the 2012 closing ceremony

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The Sun said the organisers of the event were “keen” to sign up the Spice Girls as the “star signing” for the event.

They said the five-piece were “seriously pondering” the offer to take part in the “historical event” which will take place over three days from Saturday May 6.

It is believed Mel B and Mel C are pushing for the gig to happen and are trying to persuade their bandmates to take part.

Last week, Mel C said the band “weren’t happy” about not being able to play the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert last June.

She said: “With us girls, there is so much that we would like to do but there are four, five, people involved with families and other commitments and responsibilities. So, I think that was something that we had to miss.”

Meanwhile, Mel B hinted at an upcoming announcement involving all five original members, saying: “I am probably going to get told off. It is a project that we’re very excited about. It will be all five of us.”

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Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls says she has accepted an MBE on behalf of women suffering abuse ‘in all shapes and forms’ (PA)

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Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls says she has accepted an MBE on behalf of women suffering abuse ‘in all shapes and forms’ (PA)

/ PA Wire

The group, who were founded in 1994, enjoyed huge success with number ones including Wannabe and Viva Forever and sold millions of records around the world.

They broke up in 2000, two years after Geri Halliwell quit to go solo, and then reunited in 2007 for a series of sell-out concerts and new music.

Beckham withdrew from performing after the Olympics but the other four have continued to perform, having last reunited for a stadium tour in 2019.

Beckham has gone on to launch a succesful fashion business, while Mel C recently made her debut as a contemporary dancer at Sadlers Wells in north London.

Speaking about Beckham recently, Mel C told The Times: “That would be the ultimate dream. The door is always open for Victoria, we would love to see her back. We keep our fingers crossed.”

She also recently admitted she she “longs to be back on stage” with Emma Bunton as she wished her a happy 47th birthday.

The 49-year-old singer, whose real name is Melanie Chisholm, shared a series of throwback photos of the pair together on Instagram to mark the occasion.

Alongside the post, she wrote: “Happy Birthday @emmaleebunton. I love you more than words can say. I long to be back on stage with my baby!

“Let’s hope we don’t need to wait too much longer! Have the best day beautiful.”

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